Moving process

our mission: Professional, efficient, high quality and fast.

our mission: to continue to exceed customer satisfaction, creating warmth of life.

our goal: establish service brand in the industry, set within three years become the Guangdong region moving, lifting its commitment to moving, logistics is one of the major transportation companies, to become the first.

moving process

1, phone to accept service (special home valuation).

2, salesman to your company for free on probation, to discuss, to provide exact pricing.

3, signed a contract with the consent, ensure that the interests of consumers.

4 according to customer requirements on time, handling the day in place, each car is equipped with blankets, ropes, and so on, for safe removal.

5, according to the carton, package and other services at the request.

6, reached the landing points for furniture and large put in place as required.

day 7, handling scheduling, ensuring that your successful relocation.

8, determine the moving moving end, no damage, make payment.

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