A friend looked for a good moving company

  yesterday to move customers to former moving company or moving customers yesterday this morning introduced by Chen mingming, really very grateful to him, moving address was moved to tianmiancun village, Hua Qiang bei, and moving distance is not far away, the moving company phone has two air conditioners need to disassemble! We arrived early in the morning, huaqiang North, moving is Chen mingming's sister's House.
we to upstairs a see, House are loaded of full of, was Chen mingming wants to a car loaded go of, see things certainly is loaded down to, Chen mingming on told we if is in loaded down on loaded two car, lest put furniture are lay wreaths has, we moved to field surface Hou I on no past, in side moved air conditioning master loaded air conditioning, this two car time make of somewhat long, are caught up with Chen mingming 4 o'clock in the afternoon has class, no way. Chen mingming we moved house and no one. Chen mingming so trust us, really touched.
almost 3:30 of time we all of things are and moved company price agreed good moved finished, left of time I on called sisters are sponsored put Chen mingming home sponsored reorganization about, special put to also to sweep has, Chen mingming back Hou, I heard he with he friends call said he find has a good of moved company, he friends on asked is moved company, prior I thought really of is complacency, this explained we company in reputation is good!

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