But moving, avoiding landlord harassment

  Li graduated from University last year, successfully found work in a unit. The need to facilitate, so boyfriend often came to her work in the field, Li Ming at a distance of less than quarter of an hour away by road, rented a one-bedroom house alone. After you get the key from the landlord's wife, Li finally said goodbye to the dormitory life, full of freshness.
Li Ming lives alone, and plan on staying for a year or two, you want to get the House decorated and warm. So, after moved into rented private houses, Li bought a wardrobe, a TV, a desk, simple furniture, also bought a pink cartoon wallpaper and some simple kitchenware, very warm House decorated.
last November, Li Ming comes home to find no lights work, but the next day there was a training and testing needs to be done. In desperation, Li Ming had to call the landlord's phone after the landlord received a phone call over to help her check the line, finally found the light bulb is broken, you can help her change a light bulb. "Do you live alone? "The landlord was a middle-aged man in more than 40 years, but live in distant places, the House is devoted to the rental. After this, the landlord several times eight or nine o'clock at night to Li's House, with key, landlords do not knock, Li Ming dressed in pajamas, feel very awkward. Landlord not to say check wires for aging, is to check the water meter and meter, Li pretended to call boyfriends: "honey, you have up to two minutes to the AH? With a few apples for me, Oh! "Fortunately the landlord spent just a few minutes away.
a couple of days ago that there was a college classmate hire renting, Li Ming to contact classmates, decided to move: "or renting is safe! ”

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