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  I just think living comfortable. "Liu with his head down, 31, said. Wife wanted to move and I do not agree with Liu this trivia on the death of his wife to pinch. After identification, an anti-Chen Liu in crime while suffering from a mental illness. Yesterday morning, Liu was charged with intentionally murder trial in the Beijing second intermediate court.
because the village moving company is to limit the obligation to people, his cousin as a proxy for its justification. According to prosecutors, December 30, 2010 at 12 o'clock, Liu 18 Li Dian Xiang, Chaoyang district in 18 shops in the village stay in the chores with his wife of 27 years conflict Cao, Cao Liu choke choke by hand after a neck, its mechanical asphyxia caused by death. Liu then surrendered to the police after the crime. Forensic, Liu suffers from mental illness, at the time of anti-Chen, a limited obligation to people.
during the hearing, Liu always head down, talking noise is very small. Liu signaled, two months before the incident, I sleep to go to the hospital, diagnosis of insomnia with consequences for anti-Chen, "I always take the medicine, but to no avail. "His wife know that he has this defect. The day of the incident, the two men quarrelled because moving event. "She wants to move but said reasons, I do not agree with. "Liu said, he suddenly thought to live comfortable, one dragged his wife to his bed, with his hand around her neck. Killed his wife after his death, Liu sits in the room until it was dark. Go out to eat dinner, leave the neighbourhood and elder brother's home, said I pinched his wife died, elder brother's police.
yesterday, families of the victims did not submit any claims to the Liu. Wangjing moving company after a trial, Liu's sister-in-law informed reporters, Liu usually quiet and a bit strange. "Thought he was normal, but I didn't know he was ill. ”

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